Monday, July 13, 2009

LoTs Of NeWs!!!!

Well the Hawkins household has LOTS of good news I just have not had the chance to blog about it all! So here we go!!!!

1. Brandon's patho report came back and it was a BENIGN Angiolipoma! Thank you Jesus! :o) Thank you all for all your prays and thoughts! We did the right thing by just having the excisional biopsy, instead of just a plain 'ole biopsy because this type of lipoma is very fast growing and aggressive! B had his staples removed this past Friday and his incision is healing marvelously! He still has some discomfort just because of how deep the wound was and from "digging" the mass out, but he is a tough cookie and not slowing down a bit!

2. I got a promotion at work! Yeah for me! I am now the BIG CHEESE of all pre-operative services at MMH! I basically have been doing the requirements of the job for a while, but never had the "title." I have A LOT of hard work a head of me, but I am very passionate about my job so I look forward to the challenge! :o)

3. I also got into Grad school at Texas Tech! I was pretty nervous about it, but I got my letter of acceptance in the mail and start classes in the Fall! I'm a little nervous / scared due to the fact I have not been a "student" in six years! New position at work + starting grad school = LOTS OF STRESS!!! :o)

4. We got to spend time with some of our friends and favorite munchcan Fro-mama this past weekend! We all took her to a Rockhounds baseball game and had a blast! She did such a good job! Brandon and I are excited because we are taking her to Ft. Worth this weekend to go to the zoo and aquarium! She has never been so we are looking forward to the fun times we are all going to have! We get to keep her starting Wednesday night and return her to mom and dad on Sunday evening! I think we may have a tired little puppy on our hands! I am also so proud of her because she is now officially using the P-O-T-T-Y! Yeah Fro- Mama!!!

R-O-T-T-E-N :o)

TJ & Rach (Fro-mama's rents!)

Morgan & Brian

Me and Brando!

Abby with her boyfriend :o)

Mom & Abby!

She is not sassy at all! :o) One of my all time fav pics :o)

She wears her sun glasses at night..

Me & my fro-mama!

Silly girl!

5. Roxi loves her some Frisbee and has learned to throw her own Frisbee and catch it! Ridiculous I know! :o) And it's not like we don't throw it for her a million times a day! The most hilarious thing is that she got the Frisbee stuck on her head!!! HILARIOUS! She makes me laugh.... She has also been stung by wasps twice this week on the nose! Poor baby she was not even bothering them - they just attacked her! So we have had to give her Benadryl 2 nights in a row now and watch our druggie dog rub her nose with her paw because it bothers her. She sad / cute/ funny all at the same time! But don't worry - she is a-ok and I think we finally got rid of all the wasps! :o)

She is a crazy frisbee catcher!

Ooops! Help me mom!! :o)

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The patient is doing GREAT!

Well the surgery is over and Brandon is doing great! Brandon had the "A" team for surgery today! Everyone at the hospital was just amazing! I love my hospital family! They made sure that from start to finish Brandon was well taken care of - I did not have to worry much because I knew he was in the best hands from surgeon, to anesthesia, to OR nurse! Thanks everyone for being so AWESOME to my hubby!

They ended up just doing moderate sedation with a local to the area, which I was glad because it made recovery a little easier! :o) The surgery took about 45 minutes. Dr Deme and Mike (his AWESOME PA) said that they had to do a lot of digging to get the tumor out! But they did a great job! Ron Cotton (the best CRNA in the universe!) came out to get me after the procedure was over and Brandon was already sitting up on the stretcher smiling and shooting the bull with everyone! They saved the tumor for me to see before they sent it off - it is bigger than I was thinking it was going to be! It is a little big bigger than a golf ball. ( I attached a pic - if you get qweezy by looking at that kind of stuff DON'T LOOK!) The tumor is being sent off for biopsy and we should know the verdict in a couple of weeks! So keep praying! :o)

After surgery Brandon went down stairs to the Ortho Center (where I work) to his two other nursing wives (Rach and Morgan) who got him recovered and spoiled him! Rachelle even got to give him a free wax job! :o) We left the hospital around 9:45 and then stopped to pick up pain meds. Brandon has been pretty sore this afternoon, so I have been keeping the pain meds on board. It is just hard for him to get comfortable because it is right on the spot of your back where pressure is placed if you sitting up in a chair or laying down. But he is being a trooper and I am so glad everything went smooth today! Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and thoughts! We have had lots of visitors, calls, and care packages! We have the best friends and family anyone could ask for! Also a HUGE THANKS to my MMH hospital family - you guys are the greatest!

Brandon's good luck quarter from Ron :o)

The cutest patient ever! :o)

The tumor or as Joey would say - "Oh Larry!"

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