Wednesday, January 28, 2009

miss my brandon....

Brando is gone to Fort Worth for a few nights to a golden algae symposium! (Sounds exciting huh!?! I have a dork for a husband! :o) ) He was sent there on behalf of UTPB and the city of Midland / Odessa to find out how they can get the golden algae that is growing in the man made ponds under control becuase it is killing all the fishies! Save the fishies Brandon! I hate it when he is gone - so lonely at home! I was a nervous wreck because he had to drive to Fort Worth Tuesday in all the bad weather! I was so thankful when he called me to tell me that he got there safe and sound - took him over 6 hours! (should only take 4) Thank goodness the day he is traveling back is going to be sunny with NO ICE in the forecast! I'm sure that all the Nemo's of the world are thankful that my Brandon is gone trying to learn how to save their lives - but I miss him and want him home! Hope everyone is having a good week!

Here are the golden algae Brandon is going to save the fish from - mean little rascals!

Brandon saving the world - one fish at a time! :o)

"Why does Sea World have a seafood restaurant?? I'm halfway through my fish burger and I realize, Oh man....I could be eating a slow learner."

~ Lyndon B. Johnson ~

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Brandon!

My little sugar plum turned the big 2-9 this week! Last year of his 20's!!! Man we are getting old! :o) We went to eat at Cattleman's and had a good time with the family! Brandon got lots of good stuff for his birthday...a new (huge) knife from Michelle and Beeler to make bear burgers when he is out in the wilderness. His calender that I make him each year. I started making him calendars that I scrapbook when we started dating - this is his 7th calendar! Man time flies by fast. He was super surprised about his watch that he got from Nana & Bobby, Tana & Jeremiah, my parents, his mom, and me! This watch does EVERYTHING! I mean EVERYTHING! He was up until 1 am that night playing with his new watch and reading the 500 page manual - such a kid! :o) Nana & his mom also made him an AWESOME red velvet cake! It was seriously the most amazing cake I have ever seen and they did it all by themselves! It was a camping theme since that is Brandon's love in life ( I think he may love it more than me - jk!) The cake was fully edible except for just a few of the decorations. It had trees with a man laying in a hammock and a river! AWESOME! We were sad to cut into it and mess it up! Nana & Terrie also informed us that cake orders must now be made a year in advance becuase apparently this cake took forever!
It overall was a fun night filled with birthday surprises and spending time with our family! I think this year is going to hold great things for Brandon! Happy birthday goober!! :o)

The infamous watch!

Bear burger knife :o)

The birthday boy with his cake!

Is that not just AWESOME!

A view from the top....

Yummy cake!

Me and my birthday boy!

"Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world!"

~ Unknown ~

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sad Day at the Cotton Bowl :o(

We woke up at 3 a.m Friday morning and went and picked up my parents and made our way to Dallas, TX for the Cotton Bowl! I have been on countdown for this game! We finally made it to Dallas around 10 after making a few pits stops and walked around the stadium and purchased our official Cotton Bowl t-shirts! It was originally supposed to have been cold for the game but instead it was hot and humid with plenty of sunshine! Not good for me, but it was a nice day! The game started at 1 and Tech was up 14 to 0 against Ole Miss! I was just hoping we could keep it up for a good 'ole Texas butt kicking, but it did not happen! For some reason Tech just was not in sync and we lost to Ole Miss 47 - 34. I was so sad!! But it was good to actually be a part of history...this was the last bowl game to played in the stadium, and we were there for it! They will move the game to the new Texas Stadium in 2010! Although we lost we still had a blast at the game and with my parents in Dallas! After the game we went to Pappadeaux to stuff our faces and it was YUMMY! Then we all crashed super early...we had had a long day! We woke up early the next morning to do some shopping at Sam Moon and REI (Brandon's fav place), eat lunch at Saltgrass and then head home!
I wish the Raiders could have pulled out a victory, but win or lose I am still proud to be a Texas Tech Red Raider! Maybe next year boys...... :o) Happy 2009 everyone! Hope everyone has a great week!

The Cotton Bowl Stadium

Go Tech Go!

Maw & Paw ready to get their GUNS UP!

Red Raider Fanatics!

The flags were flying high!

I got a new hat and it is P-I-M-P!

Our QB - Graham Harrell (he didn't have a good day!)

Long live the matadors.....

"What counts in sports is not the victory, but the magnificence of the struggle."

~ Joe Paterno ~