Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The home improvements continue......

Well I just noticed that I have not updated on the Casa de Hawkins progress in the sun room at kitchen! We got the tile floors done that same week! Yeah! They took a little longer than expected, not because it is hard, its just so darn time consuming! The floors look AWESOME and we are super proud of ourselves! I am sooooooo excited because I am off of work for the rest of the week! (Thank you Jesus! I was about to have a meltdown and go insane!) So this week I plan on painting the two rooms, finishing baseboards, and all that other fun stuff! My mom has graciously volunteered to help me paint so I should get it knocked out in no time! Pics will be coming soon! :o) Have a great week everyone!

"The Energizer Bunny was arrested, charged with battery. "
~ Unknown ~

Monday, March 16, 2009

What have we got ourselves into!?! :o)

Sunday started day number one of the sun room & kitchen floor remodel! Saturday we went and got all the necessary supplies and yesterday started tearing things up! I love the demolition part of home remodeling! (Maybe not this one so much...) Once we got everything moved out of the 2 rooms (tons of heavy furniture - I'm going to be soooo sore!) we figured the indoor / outdoor carpet in the sun room could be pulled up in a jiffy......NOT! Every centimeter of that carpet was glued down by some super power glue and it took almost 2 hours to get it pulled off the concrete! Bran and I have both been a little under weather and neither one of us have super strength at this time and so it wiped us both out! But yeah we finally got it done!

The kitchen flooring was another monster! The previous owners put industrial strength linoleum on top of the homes 1950 linoleum and that was a booger to get up! Once we got half way through pulling up the kitchen floor Brandon and I looked at each other and said "what have we done!?!" Once we finally got all the linoleum up - we had to start scraping up the glue that has been there for over 50 years! So off to Lowes we go to buy floor scrapers! Thank goodness my wonderful bro-in-law Beeler volunteered to help! We all ended up with blisters on the palms of our hands (those hurt!) but we got all the glue up! Thank goodness it was not as bad as I was picturing it was going to be! The floors in both rooms have been all cleaned up and will have tile placed on top of them today! Woo hoo! I woke up SOOOOO sore this morning! It was a little hard to get moving! Here's to another hard day of home remodeling!

Kitchen BEFORE ~

Sun room BEFORE ~

Kitchen AFTER flooring was pulled off ~

Sun room AFTER flooring was pulled off ~

"You know you are old when you decide to put down tile floors in your kitchen instead of going to the beach for spring break!"
~Jess Hawkins ~

Monday, March 9, 2009

Roxi La Rue turns 1!!

Our Roxi La Rue turned the big 1 year old this past Saturday! Sometimes we forget that she is still a baby because she acts so grown up! Now, don't get me wrong she still goes into crackhead mode - but overall she acts like she is a big girl!! We celebrated by cooking out steaks! YUMMY! The puppies got to have a spacial treat, beef stew something, mixed in with their food! They gobbled it up super fast! And for the birthday girl (and the other 2 puppies) I made carrot & peanut butter cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! YUMMY! (Don't worry it is all puppy safe!) They L-O-V-E-D the cupcakes! They were gone in no time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROXI!!! We love you bunches!!! :o)

The birthday girl sporting a BIG smile! :o)

Brandon being silly with his party hat!

She waited patiently while we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

We tortured them by making them wait until we told them it was ok to dig in! :o) (So mean! But oh so cute!)

Me & my birthday girl!

Roxi loved her birthday this much! :o)

"My goal is to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am"

~ Anonymous ~

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fat Saturday at Murray's!

Last weekend was Fat Saturdays at Murray's and it was a BLAST! We both had had a pretty rough week and so we were looking sooooo forward to good seafood, drinks, and time with friends! I also had a wreck in our 1 vehicle that we have right now! Brandon's new, but old 79 Jeep is getting a makeover, and I wrecked the Honda! Just my luck! To make things worse I hit a cop (he was in his personal vehicle, but that's beside the point!) Thank goodness it is still drivable or we would be in a dill pickle!

So by Saturday night we were ready to tear up Murray's! We had a BLAST and had over 35 people in our group show up! We all laughed so hard I think we added 10 years to our lives! Instead of boobie flashing, we did boobie grabbing - we just had to honor the spirit of Mardi Gras! Afterwards we all headed out to The Bar to hang out and continue are night of fun! I have figured out that I am definitely getting old! It was hard to get moving on Sunday! How did I use to do this almost every night?!?! Here are some pictures from the night....as you can tell we didn't hold back anything!

The 3 Amigos!
Our fav Murray's waitress - Kristin!

Bran & Jana getting some action!

Stu on the receiving end! :o)

Tana sharing the love with Samantha!

Samantha & Ran!

Keith snuck that one in!

Crawfish makes Rach & TJ do silly things!

We love each other this much! :o)
Michelle & Brian being romantic :o)

Emily loves her mom this much!
It's a Debert boo-bee attack!

My crazy other half!
It's a TJ sandwich!

Emily being sneaky sneaky!

Look Dad you're on the Internet!

The Green-Cox 2009 X-mas card pic!

My Daddy-o was so paranoid that I was going to do something to him - he was on non-stop alert!

You have to cop-a-feel on the owner of Murray's! We love Dale!

2 crazy ladies!

You know you want it Debert! :o)

Bran's favorite girls!

Bran, Tana, & Sam

Bran was so excited about The Miller chicks who came to visit!

Abraham, Ro, Volumptuous, & Jay

Matt- one of our fav Murray's waiters!

3 cool chicks!
We love you Keith!
Fun times at The Bar!

The Beeler WHOA!

Keith is my home boy!

Em modeling her new Jager attire...SEXY!

3am Whataburger breakfast! YUM!
"LAUGH longer, LIVE louder, and don't forget to HAVE FUN!"
~ Unknown ~