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Day 10: Here Bear! Moooooooose!

After getting some rest we woke up to prepare for our 300-mile loop through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone!  We had a lot of ground to cover in a day! Before heading the National Parks we had breakfast in Jackson Hole at a great little restaurant and then made our way around this cute little town!  I loved it!

My first moose sighting!
Mile 3455: Jackson Hole Antlers
Welcome to Jackson Hole!

We then made our way down the road to see the Grand Tetons.  They are massive and awesome!  Pictures just don’t do it justice!
Mile 3463: Grand Tetons
And they are GRAND!

A view of the Tetons from the other side

Then into Yellowstone we went!  I was on a serious mission to takes some pictures of wildlife.  I especially wanted to see a moose and grizzly!  Brandon really wanted to see a grizzly too!  As we entered into the park I spotted the first animal -a little black bear just hanging out!  He was so cute!  We saw several animals during our trip:
  • Black Bear
  • Bison
  • Antelope
  • Elk
  • Yellow Belly Marmot
  • Fox
  • Buck

Mile 3500: Entering Yellowstone
Maybe we will see Yogi & Boo Boo!

I spotted the first wildlife!  This little black bear!

It is just amazing how big some of these animals are.  It is also equally amazing how stupid people are and how they get by with not getting killed by these wild creatures!  ATTENTION: BISON ARE NOT LIKE COWS!  THEY WILL CHARGE AT YOU AND CAN ACTUALLY RUN FAST!  It was incredible to see Yellowstone and all of the wildlife just doing their thing.  It was amazing to see what they call a “stream” (otherwise known as a raging river)!  There was also a ton of snow!  It was pretty chilly at the top :o) 

So pretty!
We crossed the divide a kazillion times!

It's gonna blow!

The geysers are everywhere!

If you didn't already know....Yellowstone National Park if a volcano!  If that isn't grand enough, Yellowstone is just the top/opening of the volcano!  Insane huh!  Scientists believe that this volcano will erupt again within the next 100 years! (Hope I'm not visiting!)  When it does erupt we will see ash from this volcano all the way in Midland, Texas!  Just some food for thought...

Brandon actually loved these fat little ground squirrels!
He came up to the restaurant while we were eating!

My Marmot friend I made...he was so cute!
There were baby bison...otherwise known as orange dogs

We also were able to go and see the famous Druid Wolf Pack area of the park and where their dens were.  The story of that wolf pack is amazing – if you do not know it you should definitely read about it.  Brandon actually had the opportunity of working with the biologist who studies this pack of wolves within the park.  So amazing at the power that one animal can have!

The wolves have dens located on the top of this hill (aka a mountain :o)

Although I was a little sad though that we never saw a Moose or Grizzly :o(  the experience of Yellowstone is remarkable, and almost overwhelming because of everything it encompasses!  You could never experience everything that Yellowstone offers in this lifetime…such a wonderful place!  We will definitely be going back!

Only someone as big as God can make something so beautiful!  
Can you see the fox!?!  He has his dinner in his mouth...
The skies were so blue!  You don't see this color in the crayon box!
Elk everywhere!
You feel so small in this big place!


Time to play in this stuff they call snow!

He came up to our car to say hello!
Yellowstone River!  
Look at all the water in this river!
Goodnight Yellowstone!
Mile 3653: Bison Jam!

This my friends is what you call a bison jam....when you enter Yellowstone you are at the mercy of the animals!  At this time 20 bison thought they needed to cross the road!
Another jam!
The ground at this site is so hot and acidic that if you step on it it will melt the sole of your shoe!

Hey there buddy!
Mile 3696: Adios Yellowstone
Happy trails to you until we meet again....

Day 10: Jackson, WY
Weather: Very pleasant!  In the 70's

Jess’ Jibberish & Bran’s Babbles :  
  • Upon entering Yellowstone there is a sign warning you not to "feed or molest the animals"….hmmmm
  • Here Bear! (our bear call)
  • Moooooose! (Jess' moose call!)
  • Standing in the middle of grizzly bear country is a little unsettling when it is dark can’t really see, and there are signs surrounding you warning you about the bears!
  • The rivers were full to the max! 
Soooo many more pictures you must see!  CLICK HERE!

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