Sunday, July 3, 2011

Puttering into Colorado.....

We are pooped today!  Our tuck is getting pretty full of stuff and we have one more adventure to Creede, Colorado!  The Post's were nice enough to let us stay at their house while in Creede. We will travel across the entire state of Wyoming today before we enter into Colorado.  We got into Creede pretty late due to the never-ending construction in Wyoming with travel speeds of 45-50 miles per hour! 
Look Betsy!  You have your own store in Jackson Hole!
Mile 4000: The Snow Fence!
These my friends are what are known as "snow fences." You see them all along the highway in Wyoming and Colorado.  There purpose in life is to help block and keep the butt-load of snow this area gets off the highways!

This snow fence is a biggin'!

Mile 4175: Welcome to Colorado!
Watch out Colorado!  The Hawkins have arrived!

Day 11: Jackson, WY to Creede, CO
Weather: Pleasant – in the 60’s

Jess’ Jibberish & Bran’s Babbles:  
  • The only radio stations that come in clearly and perfect are tejano stations – why is this?  What this means...Brandon got to listen to me sing for a long time on this leg of the trip! 
  • Cell phone service or internet does not exist in the Creede, Colorado area! 

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