Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The end of an amazing journey!

Well our adventure ends today :o(  Wally tried to get us to stay another night but we figured we better get back to our furry babies!  We both are not looking forward to returning back to the real world of work, school, etc…but we do miss our puppies to pieces!  

You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can never take Texas out of the girl!
I see you...
Mile 4,804: Texas State Line!
Back in the mighty state!

On our way home we stopped by the Cadillac Ranch and then went grab some grub at the Big Texan!  Brandon was up for the 72oz steak challenge - but I told him I did not want to be stuck with him in an enclosed moving vehicle for 3 hours after that!

 I thought this was funny!

 This man was taking on the 72oz challenge!
Maw & Paw Hawkins
Mile 4,943: Big Texas in Amarillo
Getting our steak on!
Mile 5,000: The Milestone Mile
Brandon driving us home - Jess in her cave!

What an amazing trip this has been!  Although we are both worn out from being on the go – we both had the best time and had the opportunity to travel and see so many amazing things!  In our 13 days on the road we…. 
  • Traveled through 10 states
  • Clocked in a total of 5,181 miles
  • Filled up the truck with 274.8 gallons of gas
  • Collected 32 stickers for the beer fridge outside
  • Came home with a truck covered in bug guts, a nice big rock ding in the windshield and a ton of good memories!

A lot of bugs lost their lives during this journey...
All of our stickers!
Beer Fridge BEFORE
Beer Fridge AFTER!

Day 13: Creede, CO to Midland, TX
Weather: Cool and then hot (boiling) as we got closer to Midland!

Jess’ Jibberish & Bran’s Babbles – some observations:  
  • As you travel up the west coast of the country they are very environmentally conscious!  It is so great! They recycle everything – maybe some areas should take some notes - like TEXAS!
  • Bathroom cleanliness also gets better as you travel the coast, but becomes not so good once you get into Colorado and start traveling back south.  
  • On the coast all bathrooms have toilet protectors and are very clean!
  • Dyson hand dryers in the bathroom are amazing – that thing can dry your hands in 2 seconds flat!  We only saw these along the west coast!
  • Wyoming came out on top with the cheapest gas!
  • Washington above all was our favorite state - I forgot I even had EPP!  But was very quickly reminded of it once we got back into Texas and got out at the Cadillac Ranch :o(
  • Worst state to drive in...NEW MEXICO!  Safety corridors..really!?!?!
Just a few pics that didn't make the blog HERE

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