Friday, July 1, 2011

Won't you meet me in Montana...and Idaho & Wyoming!!

Today was a busy day!  We traveled through 4 states…one of them twice!  We made our travels across Washington and into Idaho and then Idaho to Montana, then back into Idaho and to Wyoming!  Oh my goodness!

Closer look at Mt Rainier
Such a pretty mountain!

Northwestern Washington is nothing like the northeastern part – it looks like West Texas!  It is flat with lots of farmland.  There was really nothing spectacular about Idaho.  We did stop and eat at Post Falls.  I really wanted to go somewhere to eat french fries since we were in Idaho – but we were not able to find a place that would serve such a food item that was not also doubling as a strip club.

You 'da ho
Jess 'da ho
Hi dee ho we in IDAHO!
 Mile 2885: Rosas Restaurant in Post Falls, Idaho
No french fries to be found in Idaho....

Montana was really beautiful!  But they do get points deducted for not making their state line sign road trip/photograph friendly!  We had dinner in Montana at a local restaurant in Beaverhead County and it was the best hamburger we have ever had!  So yummy!  So Montana you get your deducted points back! 
Mile 2954: Montana State Line

Welcome to Montana!
Thats a cute boy in front of that mountain! 

Mile 3219: Beaverhead County in Montana
Go Beavers!

The in order to get to Jackson Hole, Wyoming we had to enter into the state of Idaho AGAIN (still no french fries)!  We made it into Wyoming late – we were both sooooo tired!  Due to all the wildlife we had to drive a little slower than we would have liked to.  We saw lots of deer!  We got out to take pictures of the Wyoming state line sign - but due to it being pitch black it made it a little difficult.  The pitch blackness all gave me the willies because I could not see what wildlife (aka bears) was going to come up behind and get me!

Mile 3405: Wyoming State Line
We are so glad to see you Wyoming!

Day 9: Seattle, WA to Jackson, WY
Weather: Great!  Clear and cool with highs in upper 60’s, low 70’s

Jess’ Jibberish & Bran’s Babbles:  
  • The grow little people in West Washington – they are called "Timothy"
  • There is actually a town named George, Washington!
  • Prettiest drive so far! 
  • Jess sang the country song “Meet me in Montana” to Brandon when she thought they were in Montana – we were actually in Idaho :o)

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